Peter Kupers, wealth management professional as a full-time job, winegeek as a full-time passion. Sommelier student in his final year and WSET3 candidate This will be a journey throughout wine, a detailed journal of my own discoveries, insights, commentary and anything else I would like to share.

The goal is to ‘go deep’ into wine and to offer original content with a personal twist. Too often wine writing and even professional wine journalism can be reduced to recycled wine facts without actually creating content. The Wine Analyst is my personal attempt to contribute to the world of wine by going off the beaten path, or by reexamining wine cliches.

This will not be a wine review site like Robert Parker, Jancis Robinson, The Wine Spectator or The Decanter. This is a sideproject, I do not have the means nor the time to travel around the globe to present 100 new tasting notes a week. Each and every wine that will be talked about on this blog is an honest and wholehearted recommendation, something that I have bought or would buy myself. Life is too short to drink bad wine, and even more time would be wasted writing about it.

If you want to know more about the tasting ‘philosophy’ behind this website, I would advise you to check out the following articles:

Available for wine tasting, general advice and consultancy. Feel free to contact me at kupers.peter@gmail.com or +32 (0) 494 493 331. Even though I have chosen to write in English, you can also contact me in French, Japanese or Dutch, with the latter being my native language.