Loire tripping 2017 – Dive Bouteille

img_4974Dive is the type of chaos with a flair that only the French know how to do right. Get annoyed at the lack of navettes between the Saumur station and the Ackerman cellars where la Dive takes place or walk. Get pissed off at the crowds of backpack-carrying groupies who just hang out with their revered winemaker of choice, or simply mingle with them. Finally, get paralyzed by the fear of swallowing due to the lack of spittoons, or carry around your own in a trolley, trumping backpacks in annoyance, like a certain couple of Dutch wine merchants (although you never know with the Dutch, they may as well have been creating their own very special blend of salvia-textured wine vinegar).

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The Beaujolais Nouveau Bar Crawl

A few announcements to kick of today’s post!

One of my previous articles, on mistaking marketing ploys for wine, has been shortlisted for a Born Digital Wine Award in the category Best Editorial/Opinion Wine Writing. Obviously I am absolutely thrilled by this. Competition however is steep, but here’s hoping for a place in the top three. In the meantime, check out some of the other articles that are up for nomination, there is some great stuff to read. You can find them HERE.

As of last Saturday, I can officially call myself sommelier-conseil, having gotten the diploma and fancy pin to prove it! Together with passing WSET level 3 a couple of months ago this is a highlight, and looking back on the past three years and an excellent week in France over the summer, I can say that it was a great ride. Wine is something that brings people together. Fellow students have become dear friends, and the foundation has been laid for future tastings and nights of debauchery.

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Getting around to reliving Dive Bouteille

Note: sommelier studies and papers to write have led me to neglect The Wine Analyst yet again. From now on though, things will be different and posts will actually be published, even on a more or less regular basis!

To start with a bit of hipster news, beards are out, moustaches are the new thing (in all likelihood in solidarity with those struggling to grow a full beard)! Dive Bouteille has developed quite the rapport with the wine hipster community and continues to enjoy increasing international attention, not in the least thanks to Alice Feiring and Pascaline Lepeltier.

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